Grant is a kind soul and aware and attentive acupuncturist. Trust matters with needles, and trust resides in this warm friend and skilled professional. I always look forward to my sessions of focused and precise trigger point work and grounding acupuncture – a potent combination. Thanks Grant!

After years of competitive soccer and snowboarding I began to have serious pain with plantar fasciitis. After unsuccessful visits to the podiatrist I was introduced to the healing art of acupuncture and the healing touch of Grant Sagum.  Grant is a very respected practitioner within our large circle of friends and family, extremely skilled, has a unique calming quality and came to us highly recommended.


For several years I worked at a daycare.  This entailed cleaning up after toddlers, and lifting them.  After awhile, I started experiencing constant back pain.  After having Grant perform acupuncture on my back, I immediately started feeling better, and never had the pain return to the same level it once was.  I had never had acupuncture done on me before, and this experience helped me realize how therapeutic, and healing it can be.  I would recommend acupuncture, and specifically Grant and Modern Oriental Medicine to anyone that has not tried it, as I experienced immediate and lasting relief!


For three years I had been seeing a neurologist for TMJ and trigeminal neuralgia. Grant did acupuncture for me in November.  It has been four months and I have not had one little bit of pain. I’m not seeing the doctor anymore and I’m off of all medication. Grant was very gentle and very good at explaining what he was going to do and what would happen next. It is so good to eat a meal and to brush my teeth without great pain. Thank you Grant!


I began seeing Jackie at the first of the year, after our first round of IVF failed to produce healthy embryos. It was devastating. My specialist recommended incorporating acupuncture into my treatment protocol to help not only at the cellular level, for healthier, more viable embryos, but it has been a life changer all around! My sleep has improved, my digestive health is phenomenal, and it has been amazing for my stress while going through the second round of IVF. Jackie is extremely knowledgeable and has helped me modify my daily diet and add recipes for seed cycling, blood flow improvement, and more.

We just found out this week that we now have three viable embryos and Jackie is working side by side with my specialist to tailor my treatments to my transfer preparation. I swear by my treatments at Modern Oriental Medicine and would send my mother, brothers (and sister), and anyone I know to them! Thanks Jackie!!


I have been seeing Jackie for fertility related acupuncture treatment for nearly 8 months and cannot recommend her highly enough. I was skeptical – but she has made me a believer in acupuncture! She has also been a huge support to me through this process. She is professional, knowledgeable, and a friendly face in whatever struggles you may be facing.

I feel welcome, safe and comfortable at Modern Oriental Medicine. I am confident that Jackie will listen, with an open heart, to every piece of information that may be connected to my overall health and well-being. I have benefitted from several of her recommendations that extend treatment beyond the office, like Chinese herbs, dietary adjustments and guided meditations. Jackie is extremely accessible, willing to answer questions and provide support between my appointments.

I was undergoing a lot of stress from graduate school and heard acupuncture is a good way to alleviate it! I’ve never done it before, so I was a little nervous, but Jackie made me feel so comfortable. She made sure she explained the different points and benefits of each beforehand. Jackie was knowledgeable, sensitive, and intuitive. I highly recommend her.

Jackie demonstrated compassion and professionalism during our sessions together, which was different than the acupuncture I had in the past. You can tell she is genuinely invested in finding her patients’ concerns and addressing them. You can rest assured you are in good hands and will be well taken care of!